Monday, June 2, 2008

Obama's "Wonderful Young Pastor" Conducting a Sabbath Service

Maybe Not an Obama Nation -- But an Abomination: Obama's "Wonderful Young Pastor"

As you know, one of the Presidential candidates is a member of Trinity United Church in Chicago. After the Reverend Jeremiah Wright recently retired from the pulpit and into his multi-million-dollar mansion, paid for by the parishioners whom he exhorted to reject middle-class values, a new minister was named. Barack Obama has praised The Rev. Otis Moss, the new spiritual leader of the church where Obama is a member, as “a wonderful young pastor.”

I have never attended a church service. I just know what goes on in shuls. But this Youtube video of what the Reverend Otis Moss brought into his church on a recent Sunday is absolutely shocking to those of us who associate prayer services and worship with something very different. The video runs three minutes, and it is instructive beyond words:

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