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How Mahmoud Abbas Taught Arab Kids to Hate Jews

Sun 5/2/2004 8:56 PM
Palestinian Indoctrination to Children: Exceptionally Documented Video

I receive many e-mails of educational video clips regarding Israel. If you are as busy as I am, you probably find such clips too time-consuming and basic to justify watching them. On a typical busy day, these things are just-plain tedious. However -- one of my Shul members just sent me this 7-minute video clip from Itamar Marcus’s Palestine Media Watch, and it is an exceptional mini-documentary on what Arafat has done to a generation of Arab “Palestinian” children.

Marcus does not say so, but the conclusion I draw is that an entire generation of children has been poisoned. If there had been no Oslo Accord, and if Arafat had not been given the tools to indoctrinate a generation, there might have been a basis for hoping to make peace. But Arafat was given a nation, a national radio system, a national television system, and a national school system. With these tools, which Israel alone controlled before Oslo, he has mass-indoctrinated a generation of suicide bombers. There basically is no way to make peace with them now, nor for another 30-50 years. That is the Fruit of Oslo.

One approach is to give up and walk away, cut and run, hand Arafat the Gaza Strip and 95% of Judea and Samaria. Ariel Sharon, old and tired – or wily and cagy – opted for a wall and a plan to cut and run. The Labor Left – comprising maybe 30% of the Jews of Israel -- adopted it. As such, he passed the ball to the 60-70% of his Jewish countrymen who are perceived as the “nationalist camp.” He basically said, “Everyone in this country seems tired and ready to leave, so here is your chance to make it happen. Stop yelling at me. Our newspapers and media pundits tell me and the world that you want to give up Gaza and most of Judea and Samaria, so here it is. Unless you really want this country to hold on to Gaza and Judea and Samaria, we are cutting and running, just as the country’s newsmedia tell us you want us to do.”

He apparently convinced the White House that he had the votes to give it all up, much as Barak convinced Clinton that no one would make a big thing over East Jerusalem once Barak would decide to give it to Arafat . And today the most reliable opinion poll of all took place. It is clear that there really is an extraordinary majority among Jews in the country that is ready to draw the lessons of Oslo, long after Arafat is gone, long after Sharon is gone.

Find seven minutes and play the video clip. It is quite a thing to see. I had seen this before, in a longer version at a national banquet of Zionist organization of America; yet the seven minutes still was quite a thing to see.

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