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Israel's Usual Gang of Idiots: Withdraw from Reality

February 12, 2008 11:50 a.m.
The Usual Gang of Idiots . . . We Told You So

Amid condemnation throughout the world against Israel unfairly cutting off utility services to Gaza, as Israel has done from time to time in its pathetically inadequate response to the incessant Hamas rocketing of Sderot, it is forgotten that the rocketing continues unabated. Israel gave up Gaza unilaterally, and Israel’s leaders congratulated themselves on the brilliance of their step toward peace. “What a concept!” they arrogantly boasted. “We just got up and left. And now we have no more problems from Gaza.”

Yes. And Hamas soon took Gaza from Abbas, almost as methodically and predictably as a fullback taking a hand-off from a quarterback in a straight draw play. For those who have been keeping score, the reign of terror never has rained more torrentially. The same cast of characters – when I was younger, Mad Magazine used to refer to its crew as the “usual gang of idiots,” but they knew what they were doing – left Southern Lebanon unilaterally with no safeguards to prevent Nasrallah from converting the area into a Hezbollah rocket garden. And the same characters, the usual gang of idiots, now pursue their lame “two-state solution” for Judea-Samaria as the murderous Abbas and his surrogate terrorist con men take advantage of George Bush’s desperate need to get the news focus away from the subprime mortgage crisis, the looming recession, oil prices, and stalemates in Iraq -- while also manipulating Olmert’s desperate desire to keep people focused on anything other than Olmert and his own incompetence. (With all the official governmental investigations underway against Olmert, it is amazing that anyone can con him. It’s like the movie “The Sting,” where only the Paul Newman character can out-con Robert Shaw’s Doyle Lonigan.)

So, Olmert’s plan to slowly hand over parts of Judea and Samaria to Abbas – who inexorably will be overthrown by Hamas on the next set of downs – would condemn Jerusalem and Tel Aviv to the kind of incessant rocketing from the east that Haifa now faces when Nasrallah goes on frenzy up north, and that Sderot lives under every day. When Ehud Barak – Israel’s least effective Prime Minister ever – gave up South Lebanon unilaterally, he assured that he had brought peace. “What a concept! We just got up and left. No more problems.” When Sharon gave up Gaza unilaterally, he assured that he had brought peace. “What a concept! We just got up and left. No more problems.” Both foolishly said that, if the Arabs go into the evacuated areas and turn them into terror zones, Israel simply could and would march right back in and take the land back. Nice and simple. So, nothing to worry about. What a concept!

Turns out they can’t. Israel can’t just march right back in, nice and simple, and turn back the clock. They can’t even turn off the electric. If the Leftists have an organization still named “Peace Now,” our side ought to form an organization called “We Told You So.”

We told you so.

In the world press, when the dozens of rockets land each day in Sderot, the reports pooh-pooh the event. “Twenty rockets fell, but no one was injured.” Or – “Twenty rockets fell, but no one was killed. Only two injuries are reported.” Read below to understand what it means when “only two injuries are reported.”

From the Jerusalem Post of February 11, 2008, written by Judy Siegel-Itzkovich:

Brothers wounded by Kassam undergo more operations

Osher Twito, the eight-year-old Sderot boy who was very seriously wounded in a Kassam rocket attack over the weekend, underwent a second operation on his remaining leg at Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer on Monday.

He remains intentionally anesthetized and respirated to minimize his pain.

His 19-year-old brother, Rami, was in good condition after he underwent a second operation on Monday as well. Although Rami was stable, Sheba officials said that both Osher and Rami would need to undergo more operations and rehabilitation to improve their functioning. The brothers were hurt when a Kassam rocket landed a few meters from where they were standing. They had gone out to buy a present for their father, whose birthday was on Monday.

On Sunday, Osher and Rami were transferred to Sheba on Sunday because Barzilai Medical Center in Ashkelon, where they were first hospitalized, does not have the rehabilitation facilities that Osher requires.

Sheba doctors still couldn't say on Monday whether Osher's remaining leg would have to be amputated or not, as there is always the threat of infection and the main artery in the ankle was damaged.

Meanwhile, the brothers and their parents were visited at Sheba on Monday by the Shabu family from Kiryat Shmona. The Shabus' son had lost a leg in a rocket attack in the North, and they wanted to reassure the Twitos that rehabilitation was possible even after such a traumatic event.

The family also received visits from outgoing mayor of Sderot, Eli Moyal, and former defense minister Yitzhak Mordechai. On Sunday, Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni visited them at Sheba.

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