Sunday, October 25, 2009

Reagan and Obama: A Great President, An Empty Suit

I was searching something pertaining to Menachem Begin -- his wonderful first-ever TV interview (in Hebrew) after being elected Israeli Prime Minister – and I also came across these pearls, four or five jokes that Ronald Reagan told about the Soviet Union and Communism:

They say on CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS, CNN, and MSNBC that Obama is brilliant, the greatest speaker and communicator in the White House in our lifetimes. Just four or five minutes listening to Reagan tell these jokes is all it takes to remember back and realize what an empty suit we now have sitting in the chair that once was filled by a truly great leader.

Also, despite his greatness, Reagan also had a humility. You hear it in his voice, and you see it in his bearing. How different from the empty suit that arrogantly now walks down stairways refusing to hold the bannister or even to have his hand seen near the bannister, to signal to all the media that “Hey, I do not slip. I do not use bannisters. Bannisters are for wimps. Bannisters get in my way.”

As painful as it is to live in the Age of Obama, it is even more painful after hearing a few minutes of Reagan.

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